"In the art of grant writing Enid Horowitz stands out with expert knowledge of fundraising strategy and public relations. Enid's thoroughness, strong organization, and mastery of language helped secure hundreds of thousands of dollars for our school."

Kendra E. Fretz, former Development Manager

Byerschool Foundation

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About Us

Enid D. Horowitz offers more than 15 years of experience in the nonprofit arena. Her specialties include the following:

  • Specializing in foundation and corporation research
  • Preparing written materials including letters of inquiry, grant proposals and reports
  • Particular knowledge of funding for Education and Arts and Culture organizations
  • Knowledge of Philadelphia-area foundations and corporations
  • Registered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations
  • Member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals
  • Experience creating attractive newsletters and brochures, effective annual appeal and other fundraising letters, press releases, PSAs and maintaining web sites;
  • Publicity experience in print media;
  • Expertise in Publisher, Dreamweaver and Microsoft Office programs.


Here are some of the benefits:

  • Impact  – I’ve helped raise upwards of $300,000 annually for one client. 
  • Cost Efficiency - Nonprofit clients spend less for my off-site, free-lance development work than they would for a full- or part-time employee. The cost of raising $300,000 has been about 4%-5%. Compare that with what a nonprofit would spend for a salaried part-time employee to raise that amount—10%, or for a full-time salaried grant writer – 20%, and you’ll find that it’s a winning business arrangement.
  • No perks - Clients don't pay any of the perks of a full-time employee, such as health insurance or vacation pay.
  • No tax admin - Clients don’t need to administer the payment of my taxes.
  • Space savings and more - Clients don’t need to provide a desk in what are sometimes close quarters, nor do they have to supply a computer, printer, ink, paper and numerous other supplies.
  • Long term arrangement - This arrangement works well over the long term: I've had a successful working relationship with one nonprofit since 2007. 
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Enid D. Horowitz
Phone/Fax: 215-646-3793
Mobile: 215-817-5203
Email: enid@enidhorowitzfundraising.com
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